About Us

St Kilda Publications is a trading division of the St Kilda (Holdings) Ltd group of companies which also includes Gaelic Themes and R G Hardie and the group is the largest manufacturing wholesale supplier of highlandwear and bagpipes. A true ‘one stop shop’.


The publications arm deals with all printed material and web content across the group and is the publisher of the Third edition of the Clan & Family Encyclopaedia and this will be followed by individual clan booklets.


The company has a vast repository of copyright images and text which it licences for use in programs and other printed materials.


Over many years it has employed history graduates in researching texts and the detail available is respected worldwide.


The Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopaedia, edited and complied by George Way and the late Romilly Squire is the culmination of over 12 years research and it contains specially commissioned articles and heraldic art and brings together an incredible range of material in one volume.