Lord Lyon's Foreword

I welcome the publication of the long-awaited Third Edition of the Clan and Family Encyclopaedia. This accurate and well informed reference book is an essential for all who seek to understand the clans and families of Scotland. As I attend the various games and gatherings it is a book that is open at these events throughout the world.

The past two decades have seen many developments in the relationships between the Chiefs, the Lyon Court and Clansmen both here in Scotland and in the Diaspora. There are improved legal procedures, openness of communication and above all stronger bonds of community and friendship. The role of the Chief is central to the life of Scottish Clan and Families and the steady growth in Scottish heraldry, genealogy and cultural heritage owes much to the leadership of Chiefs and their Clans and Families.

The concept of a clan should never be static - it is an enduring social structure which is radically different from its ancient origins but is still a relevant part of today’s living Scotland and contributes to both our culture and economy. The new edition represents years of additional research and scholarship and is greatly enhanced by the highly qualified editorial team.

Its content has revised introductory essays, updates and expansions as well as a significant increase in the number of full entries. More coats of arms and crest badges have been illustrated. The artwork will never now be surpassed and this represents the final work of the late Romilly Squire: a consummate artist, heraldic scholar and friend. This book is his memorial and I commend it to all.
Dr Joseph John Morrow K.StJ, QC. DL,LLD
The Rt Hon. Lord Lyon King of Arms