The late Patrick Bardon SBStJ, BVSc, PhD, FRCVS, FSA (Scot) was formerly Chair of the Heraldry Society of Scotland and a noted Heraldic Flagmaker. He was credited with a ground-breaking approach to flag design, including the re-introduction of the medieval style square banner.

Alistair Campbell of Airds was formerly Unicorn Pursuivant of Arms and one of Her Majesty’s Officers at Arms for Scotland; a Member of the Court of the Lord Lyon and Chairman, Advisory Committee on Tartans to the Lord Lyon, in addition to formerly being Chief Executive, Clan Campbell and Archivist to the Duke of Argyll at Inverary Castle.

The late Kathleen B. Cory FSA (Scot) was a professional genealogist, who was the author of Tracing your Scottish Ancestry (1990) and who served as Chair of the Heraldry Society of Scotland.

Eilidh Hillcoat is a graduate of North Glasgow College of Art and has a degree in graphic design. She was employed by St Kilda to complete badge designs and also the encyclopedia layout. She is due thanks for her patience with the many changes that occured during its evolution towards the final print.

Dr Miles Kerr Peterson MA (Hons) MLitt PhD is a recognised authority on Scottish society and nobility in the early modern period. He is co-editor of James VI and Noble Power in Scotland and has published widely on many aspects of Scottish history. He was awarded a PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2016 and is a member of the Scottish Medievalists. As well as contributing a new introductory section on the Lowlands, Miles researched graphics and worked on layout and editing over a period of years.

Charlie Edward Lynch MA (Hons) MLitt PhD is a cultural and social historian with special interests in the contemporary histories of Scotland and Ireland, and a practitioner of oral history. For seven years he was employed directly as a research assistant by St Kilda in support of George and Romilly. He contributed a significant number of updates, amendments and new entries to the third edition. At the time of publication, he was completing his PhD at the University of Glasgow and is a member of the Social History Society, the Heraldry Society of Scotland, and Secretary of the Scottish Secular Society.

Professor Allan Macinnes was formerly Burnett Fletcher Professor of History at the University of Aberdeen and is at present Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Strathclyde, and has published widely on Scottish history and its international contexts.

D. Richard Torrance B.Sc is a professional genealogist who has been involved with the Scottish Genealogy Society for over four decades, including ten years as Chair and is currently Vice President. He is the author of the MacLellans in Galloway (1993) as well as several other works. Richard contributed an extensive update to the chapter on genealogy in this Encyclopaedia.

Brian Wilton MBE FSA (Scot) is a past Director of the Scottish Tartans Authority and author of the 2007 book Tartans. He established the Authority’s highly regarded information service on tartan and Highland dress. He now lectures and accepts design commissions.